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Is your boy or girl turning three? Entertaining 3 year old children is so much fun because they really know the celebration is for, and about, them.

At age 3 there are usually a lot of similar aged children present at a birthday party that have the same sense of humor and attention span. (Buddies from mommy and me classes, pre-schools or a daycare that children attend, tend to be similar ages.) Group activities can last a little longer when kids present are the same age.

Lots of parents even choose to celebrate a 3rd birthday at their child's daycare or pre-school, during the week, and have a smaller celebration with family, at home.

Some Activities and Games 3 year old's enjoy are:

1) Hand and Face Painting: Most 3 year olds like getting painted. The ones who don't care for face painting usually enjoy watching their friends get painted as well as other party activities.
2) Sing-a-longs with a hand puppet show: Gather the little ones together to sing a few songs they are sure to know. Add in some hand puppets and a little pretending and puppet interactions and it is even more fun! (Example: I pull out a spider puppet we all sing itsy bitsy spider...or... Have everyone put a hand out that would like a tickle from a ladybug...have the kids show off and sing their ABC's)

3) Silly magic: While the little ones are gathered together have them participate in some silly magic tricks. Who knows what will appear in a magic pan or magic bag!

4) Parachute games: Kids gather around the parachute holding edges or handles of the parachute and everyone bounces a soft toy up and down on top. This is FUN stuff!

Birthday Party Limbo

5) Anything Goes Limbo: As long as the kids are going in the same direction and under the limbo stick...anything goes! Kids love this game.

6) Freeze Dancing: Even if a 3 year old is not big on dancing, they sure love a musical game of stop and go....move, move, move - and freeze!

  • Perhaps a few interactive songs like Hokey Pokey
6)Twisty Balloon Animals: 3 year olds LOVE balloons. I make a lot of items out of 1 or 2 balloons so getting a turn goes quickly.
What would make fun memories for YOUR 3 year old boy or girl?

Planning a 3 year old birthday party?
Thinking of hiring entertainment for a 3rd birthday?

"Sparkles the Clown" is a fun entertainer for 3 year olds.

If you live near Los Angeles, CA (or in the San Fernando Valley)
Call 818-994-1441 (ask for Colette - Sparkles)

"Colette, I want to thank you so much for making the party fun ! The kids had a great time. You were so organized and did such a great job! I would definitely have you for another one of my party's :) Thanks again!" Dunia
Pretty Clown, Christmas Elf, 4th of July entertainer, Minnie Mouse

"Sparkles the Clown" has a few other costumes in her "Clown Closet".
She can also dress in "Regular Person" attire.


Sparkles - Colette is also an artist.
During the week she paints wall murals and creates art for the Tots O Fun Gift Shop
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Hope you got some good ideas for entertainment at a third birthday party!

and...if you live locally...Call Sparkles - Colette, to check her availabiltiy.

Sparkles the Clown wears a simple costume and interacts with the children so they can warm up to the party at their own pace.
Even shy 3 year olds will be comfortable and participate in fun activities with this clown.

Limbo Stick with Sparkles