Why Hire A Clown?

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities will you do at birthday parties?

I do any or all of the following activities for kids:

  • Hand and Face Painting
  • Twisty Balloon Animals
  • Party Games: Limbo, Parachute Games, Freeze Dancing
  • Bubbles, Maracas, and Tunnel Time (for 1 to 3-year-olds)
  • Ribbon Twirlers (for older kids age 6 and up)
  • Silly Magic (great for a variety of ages)
  • Sing-a-longs with Hand Puppets (1 through 6 years)
  • Tossing Games (for children of all ages)
  • Candy Scramble (great for older kids and larger events with a variety of different age kids)

Do you entertain different age groups?

Yes. I usually entertain children age 1 to 10.

Kids age 2 through 6 years love everything I do. 

  • I will entertain older children ( 9 & 10-year-olds) after you, the birthday child, and I agree on fun party activities that would be “cool” enough! Call to brainstorm ideas.

Do you make twisty balloon animals?

Yes – I twist balloons and kids LOVE them.

  • I twist many things out of 1 or 2 balloons so kids get a turn pretty quickly.
  • I make dogs, (poodles, regular dogs or wiener dogs), balloon swords, hearts, hats (crazy hats or heart hats), a cat, bunny, giraffe, flying mouse, snake, bumble bee, humming bird, parrot, elephant

Do you provide face painting?

I do both hand and face painting. The 2-and-under kids seem to prefer painting on their arm or hand. (It seems they like to SEE what I am doing to them.)

  • I paint faces to look like a: Cat, Princess, Butterfly, Dog, Pirate, Tiger, Lion, Minnie Mouse, Bunny, Batman, Camouflage
  • On arms and hands I paint spiders, basketballs, ladybugs, snakes, fish, lizards, hearts, stars, flowers and more…

Do you only entertain children at birthday parties?

I entertain children at all sorts of events including:

  • Grand Openings, Mall Events and Kids Clubs
  • Children’s Birthday Parties (in homes, parks, at a daycare or preschool)
  • Line Entertainment (Santa Claus Lines, Street Fairs and Carnival Lines, even Flue Shot Lines!)
  • RestaurantsFamily Night, Kids Eat Free Night, a busy Holiday, Promo or Fundraiser Event  (when anticipating lots of children)
  • End of School Parties, Classroom Parties, Camp Entertainment
  • Company Picnics, Holiday Parties

Are you a Clown near me?

I am a Clown located in Los Angeles, California. (I am based in the center of the San Fernando Valley)

  • I entertain children in the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita and surrounding areas.
  • I will travel to any location that is to our mutual benefit.
  • Learn more Me on the About the Clown page

What are your rates?

Price is based on time present and the location of your event.

  • Please contact me and include the location and date of your event.
    (I will get back to you as soon as possible with price and availability.)

Are you a scary clown? Can you dress in other costumes?

I usually dress as “Sparkles the Clown” wearing gold or rainbow, sparkling hair. Most kids like my simple, colorful costume.  But if you’d like me to dress as a regular person, or in something you see below, just let me know.

If you are ready to hire a clown, the next step is to check availability.

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